Displaying an Icon

Workflows are run from their workflow folder, so you can reference icons stored in your workflow relatively.

// Display burger.png as the icon

If you'd like to display a system icon, you can approach it two different ways: you can ask the system to return the file type icon for a specific file path, or you can specify the file type directly.

For example, here are two ways to display the system "png" icon as the icon for your item:


Note: when using iconForFilePath, the file or directory must exist to display the correct icon.

If you'd like, you can always pass a second argument to the icon method to specify how the icon should be handled. The following accomplishes the same as the above:

use Alfred\Workflows\ItemParam\Icon;

$workflow->item()->icon('burger.png', Icon::TYPE_FILE_ICON);
$workflow->item()->icon('png', Icon::TYPE_FILE_TYPE);
Passing Arguments